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Go To College For FREE

College Planning ABC’s Guide To Finding Scholarships, Financial Aid and Free Tuition Awards For College

By Manuel Fabriquer

Manual Fabriquer's Go To College For FreeFor immediate release: TAMPA, FLORIDA USA — STERLING PUBLISHING GROUP announces the official amazon launch of Manuel Fabriquer’s debut book, GO TO COLLEGE FOR FREE, available in paperback and kindle April 30, 2014. Manuel Fabriquer is recognized as a leading authority on college planning and finance. He is a Certified College Planning Specialist with a proven track record for saving families thousands of dollars off tuition. He matches students with the right college, and finds ways to earn the awards they deserve. In other words, he knows where and how to find the free money, so if you are totally serious about a no-fluff, honest, and strategic approach to college planning, admissions and funding, then you’ll find this guide to be a valuable asset and priceless resource in the process.

Inside his book, GO TO COLLEGE FOR FREE, Manuel discusses a variety of stellar strategies to navigate the maze of the “business of college.” He shares his vast knowledge so you gain a new perspective about the process, learn valuable tips to help lower costs, and reduce your expected family contribution. Plus, you’ll learn how to find free money for college through a variety of awards you may never knew existed. This guide is a must-read for any parent and college-bound teen. Manuel Fabriquer is the Founder and President of College Planning ABC in San Jose, California and has helped thousands of families make college affordable by saving them thousands of dollars off the cost of college. To learn more about Manuel Fabriquer, visit his company at

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book supports breast cancer research, a cause very near and dear to the Fabriquer family. Thank you for your support!

Available in Kindle $9.99 and Paperback $16.95