Book Launch Announced for Darah Zeledon’s Girl with the Crooked Smile

Countdown to Amazon book launch and how buying the book during one predetermined hour can help save lives!

Girl with the Crooked Smile

Stuck in a Moment

… and the Pearls of Wisdom that pulled her through it

by Darah Zeledon

The launch of Darah’s book is set for 11am-12pm on April 25th on the ZON

Why all the hype?

Many reasons…

1. When you purchase the book during this specific hour and date, you qualify for free gifts that’ll be given only during this programmed hour.

2. You help the author raise her Amazon ranking and thereby, get more publicity for her book and its empowering message.

3. The higher the ranking, the more exposure for the Florida Anitiative for Suicide Prevention’s Adam Silverman Memorial College SUN Program, the charity named for Darah’s late brother.

4. Finally, more book exposure = more purchases = more donations = more college kids can attend SUN programs and the higher the chance of saving the lives of our young, bright ones.

Girl with the Crooked Smile is a riveting tale of survival sprinkled with true wit, a la Erma Bombeck meets potty-mouthed Joan Rivers, intertwined with self-discovery, honesty, tragedy and the unbreakable will to survive it all. 

Darah takes the reader on an intense and moving cross-cultural journey that begins in Latin America when a young, pregnant American mother of three is diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tragedies that follow are nothing less than mind-boggling and chaotic … a suicide, an armed robbery, a gruesome accident, and a business collapse resulting in complete financial ruin. Although she felt stuck in a moment, she embodied hope and faith, and now shares the Pearls of Wisdom that pulled her through in this rich and authentic memoir. From utter confusion to starting over with nothing but raw guts, she was fueled by a ferocious love for her family. This revealing story is about a woman who fought like hell to stay sane and conquer the nagging compulsion to give up, despite a life come undone.